Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Which is more important - Seva or Knowledge?

Often we face dualities in life - one or the other - and it becomes seemingly difficult to choose because both are good options. Mind is divided because both are good choices; if any of them was a bad option, it would be a very simple decision.

Seva or Knowledge is one such choice. You have only limited time or some time restrictions - what to do?

Both are important! Neither can be skipped!

Without Seva, knowledge has no application. When you know something, your first impulse is to act on it. Without Action, without Seva, knowledge has no end. You will not get satisfaction.

Without knowledge, Seva will become dry. Whatever seva you do, if it does not help you reinforce the knowledge, then you will feel empty from within. You will feel sucked out of energy. Without knowledge, seva will become an effort and that will weigh you down.

Hence both are required! Both go hand-in-hand!

If you are unable to do both, means either you are not managing time properly or you are not being creative enough to find a solution.

For example, Swati has to maintain certain time at home and if she does both seva and knowledge session then she is practically unseen at home. One solution could be doing Seva with the group and listening to knowledge individually. Another could be Knowledge in a group and Seva individually. Both could be accomplished!

Jai Gurudev!


  1. Good point bhaiya
    P.S.:You have labeled it QNA however there is no way to directly access the labels or to see what labels are there

  2. now you can dear... thanks for the feedback!

  3. Two days ago Param Pujya Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji spoke to Paramahamsa Nityanandaji over phone.


    The love they have between themselves is phenomenal. Would it be possible to have the transcript of their talk so that we can be enlightened of this knowledge. Maybe a knowledge sheet can be published from this. It is not often when two of the greatest enlightened masters speak to each other

  4. thanks for this awesome post bhaiya!
    I'm so glad you have this blog, it helps me to be in touch with you always. Why don't you put it on the blogroll on bawa n dinesh bhiya's blog?